Describe – Pre-Launch Winners!

As part of the build-up to the launch for the Describe Kickstarter, people signing up for the mailing list were entered into a contest to win a free copy. Entrants received an additional entry for each person they successfully referred to the list. Just before launch, I randomly drew five names and following are the […]

Describe – In Action

If you’ve been following along, you’ve seen what Describe looks like, and read the instructions. Now, I’ve posted a video where you can actually see Describe in action. This video illustrates just one of the countless ways that Describe can be used to understand each other and generate thought-provoking conversation. Plus, it features my beautiful daughter! […]

Describe – Rules & Instructions

Very soon, I will be announcing the official launch date of Describe!  Hopefully, you’ve already seen what Describe looks like.  Here, for the first time, is an introduction to how Describe can be used. Following are the instructions for just one of the activities it can be used for. After that, you’ll find a link for […]

Describe Unveiled!

Watch as I unpack the very first copy of Describe ever created!

Describe – A First Look!

This is a very exciting week in  Describe-land!  This week, I’ll be making the full instructions available and even an unveiling video from when I opened the very first copy!  I’m very excited to be sharing this with you as I have worked on it for several years. Here is the very first copy ever […]

The Purpose of Describe

In preparation for the launch of Describe, I will be releasing more information to let everyone know what Describe is!  Following is the forward to the instruction booklet for Describe.  Stay tuned for more to come and don’t forget to share the signup page with others to increase your chances of winning a copy! – […]