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Describe Cards - Happy

What makes you happy?

One of the 104 Describe cards. How do you know when YOU are happy?

Do you enjoy meaningful conversation and getting to know people at a deeper level? Perhaps your work requires you to understand how others view their world and the people in it? Or maybe you want to have more thought-provoking conversations with family and friends. Perhaps you’re just looking for a conversation-starting ice breaker, or a fun new family/group game. What if there was one tool that would allow you to do all of these things?

We paint the picture of our world through adjectives, and it is through adjectives that we better understand our experiences and each other.

– From the Describe instruction manual

Describe is that tool! Describe is a deck of cards that provides you this opportunity through a number of interesting activities and games. Each card has an adjective, as well as three questions related to that adjective. The instructions include over a dozen activities and games that prompt individuals, couples, families, and groups to explore and discuss how they describe people, places, and things in their lives.

“These are awesome. You've got to get these!”
Joe Sanok
- Practice of the Practice

Describe was created by Rob Reinhardt, a Licensed Professional Counselor in private practice. He developed Describe over the course of eight years because he wanted a fun, interesting way to explore the important perspectives of his clients of all ages. Using the many activities possible with Describe cards, he has been able to quickly understand where people are coming from, what’s important to them, and what things they might like to address or change in their lives. Describe has been an incredibly useful tool in working with individuals, couples, families, and groups!


When I think about Describe and…how powerful it is with clients, it’s one of those absolute necessities in my opinion.

-Michael Dunaway, Licensed Professional Counselor Associate

After years of refining, narrowing down just the right adjectives and questions, Rob was ready to offer this wonderful tool to everyone! With the help of some wonderful backers, the initial printing of Describe (Deck One) was successfully funded through a Kickstarter campaign. While Describe was originally conceived of as a counseling tool, it has since been used by Teachers, Coaches, Team Leaders, Authors, as well as individuals and families.
In 2018, Deck Two was also crowdfunded and backers had input into the adjectives included on the 56 new Describe Cards.

Rob continues to independently publish Describe, and it is available for purchase here as well as Amazon (Those in the UK/EU, and Canada and many other parts of the world, can order through Amazon.com and receive very reasonable shipping!).




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