Describe – Kickstarter Supporters

Describe started out as a dream. Then it became a Kickstarter project. And the following people and companies helped to make it a reality! Many thanks to all of you who helped Describe happen!     Simple Practice Therabill – Practice Management and EMR     TherapyNotes, LLC YellowSchedule Bob Aarhus Michael Frank Wimmer Greg […]

Thank You For Making Describe Happen!

I’m so excited that this project, eight years in the making, is going to happen. We’ve reached the funding goal for Describe, and even achieved a stretch goal. With just 4 days left in the campaign, we have a solid chance at making the next stretch goal. This is also your last chance to be one […]

Entering the Home Stretch!

We’re Entering the Home Stretch! Nine Days to Go! Ok, I’ll admit it. I’m feeling… With just 9 days left in the campaign, we’re entering the home stretch.  I’m also feeling very positive. Thanks to the support of the amazing people who have already backed Describe, we’re still on track to meet the funding goal! There’s […]

The Most Important Thing About Kickstarter

In doing my research for the Describe Kickstarter, I found almost no instances of projects started by people in the mental health field; at least not projects targeted to mental health professionals. I knew this would provide an added challenge as there wasn’t already an audience of mental health professionals familiar with crowdfunding on this […]

Keeping Up Momentum – New Videos!

What an exciting week it has been. Describe launched just over a week ago, and is off to a great start.  We’ve already met 30% of the funding goal, which is a good sign. Now we enter one of the most challenging parts of a crowdfunding campaign.  The dreaded middle lull.  Most campaigns get off […]

Describe – Pre-Launch Winners!

As part of the build-up to the launch for the Describe Kickstarter, people signing up for the mailing list were entered into a contest to win a free copy. Entrants received an additional entry for each person they successfully referred to the list. Just before launch, I randomly drew five names and following are the […]

Learn About The Crowdfunding Process

The Describe Kickstarter campaign is off to a great start thanks to a lot of toil and planning on my part, and wonderful support from all of you! In planning the campaign, I did extensive research and am sharing the results through a series of articles. In my traveling blog series on crowdfunding, I explain what […]

Thank You For A Great Launch!

I’m very excited that the first 24 hours has seen Describe reach almost 20% of the project goal. This is a great sign and I appreciate those who have already backed it as well as those who have helped to spread the word. As I see people exposed to Describe for the first time through […]

The Describe Kickstarter Has Launched and Needs Your Support!

Describe is here! It’s with great excitement that I announce the launch of Describe! I can’t wait to get Describe into your hands! By pledging at Kickstarter, you can help make the project a success while getting your own copy. This morning, I emailed the winners of the five free copies of Describe and will be […]