RPG Players and GMs, Add Character to Your Characters!

I continue to be amazed at the creative ways that people are using Describe cards and wanted to share one of my own. After many years, I recently returned to role-playing games (RPGs). As a Game Master (GM), it’s my responsibility to help the players experience an interesting story and interact with non-player characters (NPCs) […]

Addressing Self-Esteem and Self-Awareness with Describe

Describe cards can be adapted to address many situations. Sometimes this means a simple adjustment to one of the included activities, other times it can mean creating something entirely new. Here’s an example of an activity I’ve added to the instructions since Describe was first published. Self-Esteem and Self-Awareness People dealing with self-esteem issues are often […]

The Most Important Thing About Kickstarter

In doing my research for the Describe Kickstarter, I found almost no instances of projects started by people in the mental health field; at least not projects targeted to mental health professionals. I knew this would provide an added challenge as there wasn’t already an audience of mental health professionals familiar with crowdfunding on this […]

Describe – In Action

If you’ve been following along, you’ve seen what Describe looks like, and read the instructions. Now, I’ve posted a video where you can actually see Describe in action. This video illustrates just one of the countless ways that Describe can be used to understand each other and generate thought-provoking conversation. Plus, it features my beautiful daughter! […]

Describe – Rules & Instructions

Very soon, I will be announcing the official launch date of Describe!  Hopefully, you’ve already seen what Describe looks like.  Here, for the first time, is an introduction to how Describe can be used. Following are the instructions for just one of the activities it can be used for. After that, you’ll find a link for […]