There are some myths about Describe we run into online, at conventions, and when first explaining it to others. It’s time to bust those myths!

Myth #1 – “Oh, I have something just like that”

Unless you own Describe, you definitely don’t have something just like it. There are many conversation starter games out there. The vast majority of them simply feature a question on each of cards and serve simply as conversation starters. Other games focus on just emotions. Describe goes well beyond that. In addition to offering three questions on every card, each card also features an adjective that can be used in a variety of activities and games. Speaking of, while other decks have a singular focus, Describe features DOZENS of games and activities for individuals, couples, families, and groups. It truly is The Most Versatile Conversation Game!

Myth #2 – “That must be primarily for kids and adolescents”

While it is true that Describe is wonderful to use with youth, it’s also perfect for adults as well. In fact, when I first was developing Describe and its activities, the primary activities were developed with adults in mind. There are games and activities for couples, families, and groups of adults as well.

Myth #3 – “Okay, but it’s probably just for adults who struggle to communicate”

It’s quite honestly for everyone.  In over ten years of ongoing development of Describe, I’ve found that even the most verbal, emotionally intelligent adults appreciate the opportunity (and even the tactile fun) of choosing just the right words from a deck, or going through one of the focused games or activities.

Deck One

Describe - Deck One

Describe - All the Things

Describe - All The Things