What an exciting week it has been. Describe launched just over a week ago, and is off to a great start.  We’ve already met 30% of the funding goal, which is a good sign. Now we enter one of the most challenging parts of a crowdfunding campaign.  The dreaded middle lull.  Most campaigns get off to a quick start followed by a lull and then, hopefully, a final surge.  Really successful campaigns hit their funding goal before the surge so that they’re able to tap into stretch goals.  If we can keep up the initial momentum for Describe, we can get there!

Here to help keep the momentum going is my latest video which shows just five of the many fun and interesting ways that Describe can be used. Five activities demonstrated in less than two minutes!

You can help keep the momentum going for Describe by not only pledging, but by spreading the word. Please feel free to share the videos with colleagues, on social media, with anyone you feel will enjoy these cards. Thank you for your continued support!