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Describe started out as a dream. Then it became a Kickstarter project. And the following people and companies helped to make it a reality! Many thanks to all of you who helped Describe happen!

Super Mega Supporters of Describe Kickstarter




Simple Practice
Therabill – Practice Management and EMR

Super Supporters of the Describe Kickstarter campaign




TherapyNotes, LLC
Bob Aarhus
Frank Wimmer
Greg & Rebecca Standerfer
Itay Neta
Connie Kelley, LMHC
Tammy Morath, LMHC





Kelley Harrell, Soul Intent Arts
Nichi and Mike Mitchell
Gee Barger
Pamela Pagliochini
Megan Pollock
Anna Davis
Michael Reeder LCPC
The Trout Family
Carl Sayles, PsyD
Paul Daly
Jeff Reinhardt
Turning Leaf Counseling
Betsy Harrison
Robyn Norman
Dr Terry Crump
Life Stage Counseling
E Bordeaux
Aleigh Everhart, LPCS
Maureen Shea
Kim Lytle
Clinton Campbell
Johnny Casady
Kay E. Whitehead, MSW, LCSW, FT Life Integration Therapies, Inc.
Denise Aden
David Harris
Miriam Lieberman
Diane D Rodriguez
Anne Miller
Locke Curfman, LPC
Laura Boisvert Boyd, LPC
Heidi Weidemann
In Focus Counseling LLC
Kelley Adams
Tracie L. Hillard, LPC, LPCS
Gregg Williams
Quality Life Group
Jennifer Moynihan Wynn, LMFT
Tasha Turner Coaching
Kyle Wooten
Jacob Geib-Rosch
Joshua M. Higginbotham, MA, LPC
Miranda Y. Pearson
Lauren Ashley Shapiro
Liz Campbell
Carolyn Pickler
Beth Owl’s Daughter
Kona yoga
Esther Swim Robie
R Jane Williams
Dawn Sanders
Debra Schaaf
Kayce Hodos, LPC
Annie Schwain
Allison Puryear
National Association of Counselors in Private Practice
Carrpe Diem!
Rick Auger
Grace Malonai, Ph.D., LPCC
Nicole Simmons
Heloisa Portela
Clare Brown