In preparation for the launch of Describe, I will be releasing more information to let everyone know what Describe is!  Following is the forward to the instruction booklet for Describe.  Stay tuned for more to come and don’t forget to share the signup page with others to increase your chances of winning a copy! – Rob Reinhardt, creator of Describe

Describe is a creative and interesting tool used to engage people and understand their unique perspectives. Originally conceived as an ice breaker and assessment tool by a Licensed Professional Counselor, Describe can also be used by therapists and counselors, teachers, school counselors, life coaches, camp counselors, families, or any individual or group wanting to explore how they view the people and world around them.

Describe Heading

Adjectives (words that describe people,places, or things) are incredibly important when it comes to understanding how we view our world. We paint the picture of our world through adjectives, and it is through adjectives that we better understand our experiences. For example, when we ask someone to tell us about themselves, we’re looking for more than, “I am male and I work in a factory.” Facts are useful, though add much less to our understanding of each other than adjectives do. What we really want to know is what kind of person this person is. Is he kind? Unhappy? Creative? Loving? Bored?

When we explore emotions, adjectives are just as important. It’s not enough to know that a person was frightened by an encounter with a dog. We want to know why. Knowing that the dog was big, angry, and aggressive paints a fuller picture of the person’s experience. It’s also very different from the person that was frightened of a dog that was small, calm, and friendly.

Adjectives are how we understand a person’s emotional experience, as well as their perception of the people in their lives, their relationships, their work… everything! Therein lies the power of Describe. Through the activities outlined below, perspectives can be explored and understanding of personal experiences increased. It’s also possible to develop additional activities using these cards. We’d love to hear about new and interesting ways that people are using Describe. Find our contact information at the end of these instructions.

Did you catch that clue? Apparently Describe includes cards. Stay tuned for more details to be released very soon!