Very soon, I will be announcing the official launch date of Describe!  Hopefully, you’ve already seen what Describe looks like.  Here, for the first time, is an introduction to how Describe can be used. Following are the instructions for just one of the activities it can be used for. After that, you’ll find a link for the complete instructions! So that you can understand what the activity is calling for, here’s an example of what a card looks like:

Describe - Happy

The following activity is for an individual (or someone working with an individual).  It can also take place in groups, on an individual basis.

Exploring an Individual’s Perspectives on Their Relationships

  1. The participant(s) choose four or five people that play a prominent role in their life. Optionally ask them to include specific people (e.g. parents, siblings, significant others, the participant)
  2. For each chosen person, have the participant(s) create a pile of five adjectives (Describe cards) that describe that person.
  3. Once their piles are complete, have them choose one pile at a time to discuss.
  4. For each pile, have the participant(s) reveal the person that pile describes, the adjectives in the pile, and the reason(s) they chose each adjective. (for example, “I chose Happy to describe myself because I just had a great interview for a new job.”)

Hearing how someone describes them self and others in this manner greatly increases understanding of them as a person and how they view their world and relationships!

Describe can be used for many other activities. You can read about them here, in the full set of instructions.

Launch day is coming quickly and I’ll be conducting the drawing for free copies just before launch.  Be sure to sign up now and refer your friends and colleagues to increase your chances of winning!