The Most Versatile Conversation Starter Gets Even Better! Describe – Expanded

Describe Expanded - Deck TwoThe most versatile conversation starter deck has gotten even better!

New Cards! New Games and Activities! A new, sturdy, collector’s box!

Over Three Dozen games and activities for individuals, couples, groups, and families of all ages!

Flash Sale! Save 15%!*

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Don’t have Deck One yet? No worries, you can get a deal on it as well!


Describe - Engage Connect Understand


Describe Expanded features 56 New Describe cards (Deck Two) in a sturdy, collector’s box that has enough room for Deck One and the future Deck Three!

There are now over THREE DOZEN games and activities that come with Describe Cards!

168 more questions with Deck Two! Great for individuals, couples, families, and groups; ages 8 to 108!  Describe cards are sturdy, printed on high quality stock!

Note: Most activities require that you already own Describe – Deck One


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