Describe Expanded – Thank You For Purchasing Deck Two!

Describe Expanded - Deck Two

Thank you for purchasing Describe Expanded – Deck Two! Please enjoy storing all of your Describe cards in a nice box.

You’re probably here looking for the instructions! A bit of history first. When I first published Describe in 2015, I wanted to include a nice instruction booklet in the first deck.  I didn’t realize how quickly Describe would outgrow that little booklet as I soon added more and more activities and games.

Now, we keep the instructions and rules up-to-date in a handy PDF. This let’s us readily update when I create new games and activities and also saves paper! In addition, it allows me to improve upon the rule book.  Even if you have an old copy of the rules, you’ll want to download the latest version as it is vastly improved!

Head here to get the latest version of the instructions!

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