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How does it work

Describe comes with instructions for over a dozen activities and you can find even more in the regularly updated instructions on this web site. The video below demonstrates five of the possible activities.



Have you found new and interesting ways to use Describe? Contact us to let us know!

Who can use it

An amazing array of individuals and groups have found Describe to be engaging, and useful in their work and play.

Therapists & Coaches

Therapists and Coaches use Describe as an ice breaker, assessment tool, and in helping clients explore perspectives and feelings on various aspects, relationships, and challenges in their lives. Describe is great for individual, relationship, and group work for clients age 8-108!


Teachers use Describe to explain adjectives and explore the sometimes varied and nuanced meanings of the words. Exploring the words and questions may also help expand student vocabulary and emotional intelligence.


Families use Describe to prompt important conversations that increase understanding of one another. They can also have a lot of fun with the games!


Describe has also been used by authors and role-playing gamers to explore character development and motivation; creatives and problem solvers as a lateral thinking tool; team/group leaders as a team building tool; the list is limitless!