Adjectives are the most powerful parts of speech when it comes to how we view ourselves and others. They are what tell us whether a person is “kind” or “mean”, “quiet” or “loud”, “happy” or “sad”. Describe helps people explore the adjectives we use, while having interesting and fun conversations, through over three dozen games and activities for individuals, families and groups.

Describe is popular with counselors/therapists, teachers, families, coaches, authors, actors, and RPG players!


About Describe



Describe was created with therapists and counselors in mind; however, it's appropriate for a much wider audience

- S. Kelley Harrell - Author

The Describe cards are fabulous! We use them more than any other decks (and we have many!)

- Dr. Grace Malonai - TheraThrive

These are awesome. You've got to get these!

- Joe Sanok - Practice of the Practice

There are great instructions on heaps of activities on the Describe web site. I highly recommend that you buy these cards. They're a ton of fun for everyone!

- Cait Wotherspoon - Indigo Counselling and Psychotherapy

I've purchased decks to give to other counselors as gifts. You will not be disappointed!

- Michael Dunaway - Counselor and Financial Advisor